the OOZE…

2010,12,16-2011,01,15 — the Art Space, Huntsville, ON










 It’s all about barfing barf











This is my second gallery show and featured the collection of large watercolour paintings I had completed that year. It was a breakthrough session where I had finally fully evolved into the noise field form. The paintings are presented in the order that they were created, starting with the ones on the left as you entered the gallery, circling around the walls in a clockwise direction and ending on the right. During this session I made many discoveries including the Veins and Arteries series, upon which the red and blue BARFFF colours are based, and the triangle mesh which has so far been one of the most if not the most critical breakthrough of my career as it serves as the foundational architecture of the NETTT – the instrument through which I study consciousness and open windows to alternate realities. You will also see an elaboration of the sinew-like light painting form. In the back room was the NETTT in the early tension form started at the Arrowhead Show and featured prominently in next year’s show, the OOZE.. at the same location.











































3-D NETTT – formed by tension:



2010 12 14_0091







A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain the Rules from the Center of the Ultraworld:



2010 12 14_0068+
























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