the mind song – StART – Toronto

June 20-26, 2016

traffic light box at intersection of Old Kingston Road and Military Trail

‘Outside the Box’ Program hosted by the City of Toronto – StreetARToronto (StART)


I am attempting to use artwork as the medium to explore psyche, consciousness, living presence, state of being. I use simple ‘line games’ to encode the living presence of myself and the environment I am positioned in or the subject that I am focusing on. A formal way to encode ‘vibe’, mood, atmosphere. The maze is easily translatable into data – red and blue – binary. With this data, what information can be discerned, what operations can be performed? I am just starting to explore these questions, uncovering hidden information using the unlimited number of tools available through computer science, programming, and mathematics.













2016,06,20 – day 1









2016,06,21 – day 2 – gridded






















2016,06,22-23 – days 3,4


‘fancy mailbox’



'fancy mailbox' - IMG_6429






2016,06,24 – day 5 – in progress















2016,06,25-26 – days 6, 7 – done



01-front [6449]+







02-front right [6478]+







04-back right [6480]







05-back - [6442]







06-back left [6473]+







08-front left [6475]







10-front caption [6490]







12-caption [6503]