Super Mega Art Blast 2000

2011,12,09-2012,01,07 – the Art Space, Huntsville

This was an evolving show. It began with the NETTT constructed in the middle of the room which connected Consciousness (which was created for the Harvest Fest. 2011) to Master Controllo (HEGPBTRFCU, which began at the Arrowhead Show, and appeared in the OOZE..), thereby connecting consciousness to intention through a non-linear network(1). In the recessed area was a MEGAPAINTING which was a single painting made from almost all of the watercolours from last year’s show, the OOZE.. (it’s amazing that the paintings fit the space almost exactly, I didn’t have to do anything). Over the course of the show I performed two experiments on the walls on either side of the NETTT: 1) I shone a light through it and traced the shadows on the concrete wall using strips of bond paper and mac-tac and then illuminated it with black light. 2) On the other wall I attached short strips of red and blue poster board to create a drawing, two trees. The idea behind the drawing was to have two centers out of which emanated a network of branches, one red, one blue. They were intended to ‘grow’ into each other, filling all of the wall space (I plan on making another attempt at this idea some time in the future – as you can see I was only able to get so far). In Escape Plan you see a superimposition of the NETTT (illuminated by black light) over top of the two trees maze.

During both the opening and closing I played music that I was working on at the time. All of this is presented below.

As an aside, I had all of my data backed up to one drive. Big mistake. During the course of this show this drive inexplicably died and even though I made backups regularly I still lost everything, why? I noticed there was something funny about the drive so I decided to back it up right away. In order to do that, I have to erase everything on my backup drive in order to store the new backup on it, so that’s what I did. Most unfortunately, the drive died only a little way through the backup process and there I was, nearly a terabyte of data and at least a decade’s worth of work inaccessible. Really really bad. I had to have the drive sent to a professional data retrieval service and it cost $1200 to get the data back. I managed to get most of it back, but I lost the working files for the audio that I had created for and during this show. All that was left were the mp3 files on my iPod which were the compositions in their latest state (unfinished). This is what is presented below. I learned to a) not keep everything on a single drive, b) never use Seagate Drives, c) if something funny is going on, back up immediately to another drive and back up only the new material, before erasing the old backup. I guess its got to happen to everyone once.

(1) Originally I stated it was essence. Now I prefer intention or will – a vehicle for control.

promotional material:

02-05 - back3 - DONE - [removed bleed] - (2016,05,07)









1 Response to Super Mega Art Blast 2000

  1. Daniela says:

    AWESOME my brother! You are an inspiration to the inspiration!

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