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press release image ‘The Hands of Fate of Time’





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taste the wonderful bounty of joy and good tidings

sometimes I really have to wonder

“..what is it that it is that it will be again.”

OK so this is an art show. Plenty of explosions lots of things will be there, there will be people there some of the time and at other times not so much. Time will pass, things will occur and then other things will quickly occur not long after. No one knows for sure if this is right or not. One thing that is certain though; those who have the things will have them or may not have them later on. Some things change and then other things not so much. Its all up to the hands of fate of time. No one could have predicted that this would happen but there you have it, it did. So you just move forward boldly into the future calmly and boldly knowing that this is ready and willing to continue to be able to do what it has been doing all along, but it really isn’t what it at all seems to have been or might have been or otherwise not have been what it really, in reality, is. If this seems confusing then already you understand that it has been going on for quite some time now. Its all up to the cards that are played and no one knows that better than the players themselves.
All this and more (or less) (in the case of determining extra bonus material) can be yours. Be aware of that, knowing that sooner or later what it was that was thought to have been there will have completely become what is indeed not at all any more. These are things that, like it or not, have become part of the daily landscape and exist in the way that things ought to or ought not to, as explained earlier.

Dec. 9, 2011 – opening blast – music and sound sensations abound + treats
Jan. 7, 2011 – closing blast – vast music sensation explosions and ‘the Feast of Ages’
gallery will be officially open Thurs., Fri., Sat. – from 11am to 4pm every week between those two dates, except for Dec. 22-24.




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