Nuit Blanche North Series






Every summer, mid-July, Dan Watson from Edge of the Woods Theatre with Huntsville Festival of the Arts, hosts a one-night event featuring performers and artists, local and from abroad to celebrate creativity and expression.

from the Nuit Blanche North website:

“For one night only, the streets will come alive with an exciting program of free contemporary artistic activities, events and exhibits taking place in unconventional places in and around Huntsville’s downtown core. Over 7,000 visitors flooded the streets in 2014, and we expect that number to grow again this year.”

Here are my contributions from each year, starting in 2011 with the first NBN – (click on images to go to page):


2011 – VIRUS







2012 – OBE – One Big Eye









2013 – HARPPP

01-03 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2013,06,29)









2014 – HARPPP2

01-02 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2014,02,20)Trixie Lance






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