Harvest Fest. 2013. A couple of days before the event, just the right conditions precipitated to initiate a massive sprouting of mushrooms in the area of forest I was working in. Huge and so many – most were around 6″ in diameter but there was ONE I tell ya….

Nice colours! Classic.



IMG_3584+ IMG_3585+   IMG_3579+IMG_3596+IMG_3615+IMG_3610+ IMG_3614+


here’s the ONE

IMG_3590+ IMG_3591+ IMG_3618+ IMG_3619+ IMG_3620+



my Theory-Interpretation

Mutant. The large one was roughly the diameter of a frisbee and was about 12 feet from where I was tenting, facing away. This is the fourth year I have been in the same spot of forest. Each year I have done an installtion – art – so I am connecting with that area creatively – psychically, spiritually, emotionally. Harvest and my installations are about magic. Mushrooms: the big one felt like a kind of being – it had that kind of presence and actually has a face. It looks to me as if it is praying over a small altar (the smaller mushroom in front of it). It also has three ‘leaves’. This one and all the rest, literally popped up overnight. It is also worth noting that all of this was taking place at Midlothian.

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