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Artist examines human psyche in his installation



ARTISTIC SCIENCE: Artist Rob Gill, with his latest piece Super Mega Art Blast 2000,
says he wants his work to be a purposeful mixture of art and science. Alison Brownlee



HUNTSVILLE – The future is now.
Contemporary installation artist Rob Gill is delving into an examination of human essence and consciousness with his latest show, Super Mega Art Blast 2000.
“What I’m trying to do is develop the procedure that will enable me to observe and review the internal state of the author,” said Gill, 39, of the installation housed at The Art Space.
The installation’s name, he said, emphasizes the futuristic element. If he had to describe the installation in two words, he would call it state schematics: “It means a sort of diagram of your state of being.”
His piece, which occupies most of the space in the gallery, consists of two orbs – one representing essence and another representing consciousness – connected by a series of strings. Gill designed the string network in such a way that touching one affects the whole system.
He said the connection is illustrative of essence communicating with consciousness. The entire installation is also a way for him to map the human psyche, he said.
The installation is also lit with black light, which makes it pop. And Gill is incorporating an abstract musical element to accompany it as well.
The installation’s opening night was held at the gallery on Friday, Dec. 9, to what Gill saw as a very positive response.
“I was really happy with the opening,” he said, noting that children, adults and seniors alike walked through the door. “We had all these generations show up. The feedback I got was great.”
Over the next month, Gill will be expanding his installation to include paintings and other artistic elements so when his showing closes next month, for visitors it will have been a different experience than the opening.
The Huntsville Art Society, which operates the gallery, encourages the public to stop in regularly to view the progression of Gill’s work.
Gill said the closing night could include performing art and music in a relaxed atmosphere.
For Gill, the installation represents something new.
“For me, this fills a niche,” he said. “It’s filling a need for me and maybe it’s something other people need as well.”
Gill is a Huntsville resident who studied fine art at Queen’s University and has shown his installations across the province, including in Toronto and at Nuit Blanche North in Huntsville this past July.
Super Mega Art Blast 2000 runs at The Art Space gallery until the closing event on Saturday, Jan. 7.
The gallery is located across from River Mill Park in downtown Huntsville. It is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information visit