Thurs. June 26, Chaffey Hall, Huntsville, ON


03-01 - (2014,06,04)




04-02 - [new price] - (2014,06,05)



This was a warm-up event for HARPPP2 – Nuit Blanche North, 2014.

Much love and thanks to all who participated and attended. Starr, Trixie and the Hooligan, Heron and Phebus, Alexis, and Mandy. I am honored you chose to join in. Thank you to Betty Brooks for renting the venue.




opening with crystal bowls:




mixture of recordings from this event and HARPPP2 Nuit Blanch North event later in summer:







click the sticket for the event posting which will provide an introduction and explanation:

05-02 - ticket2-1 - (2014,05,06)+









 New HARPPP Technologies: Working for You



01-02 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2014,02,20)




01-02 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2014,02,20)














noise field projected onto wall


all - [20ms] - [640x480] - (2014,06,23)




here’s is the link to the white noise generator I used to generate the images for the .gif above. I found it online – free and all images generated by it are public domain.

White noise generator by Robson.





applying the NETTT (2-D) to the poster:

06-01 - [fixed NETTT] - (2014,06,06)

04-02 - [new price] - (2014,06,05)









The presence of the images have left an imprint in the NETTT – an energetic signature.



01-02 - important chart-smaller - (2014,06,25)




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