01-02 - screenshot1 - (2013,04,26)





Spontaneous Structure

Towards an Architecture of Consciousenss

This is a project I am currently working on. I am producing a number of 3-D models using modelling and animation software (3dsMax). They are spontaneously formed open-ended structures – they can grow infinitely. Each project is a different ‘form’ or algorithm I am using to reveal a certain aspect of being. Part of the purpose of this investigation is determining what aspect of being each algorithm reveals. I may not need to have to have any definite answers in terms of that though. It may be enough to just present the raw data from which an analysis may be drawn. This exercise is about seeing – scientific visualization. What is presented is the data from an experiment – the results from having run a human-generated algorithm.

What is most important about this approach is that each of the elements have been placed there by hand (me) rather than by any automated procedure as it is living presence that I am investigating through the human gesture. There are a precise set of rules determining each form, but there is also plenty of room for variation. It is this variation that I suggest is the channel through which consciousness – living presence – is able to assert itself and is most legible. What is is that determines where the cubes go when there is no defining rule? I suggest it is everything: habits, character, taste, personality, psyche, mood, environment, psychology, social conventions, etc..

Using art as the medium through which phenomenon of being may be revealed and observed.





six colour building


01-33-03 - (2014,04,29)++




grey building


01-01[07] - (2013,08,26)




V & A (veins and arteries)


001-04 - (2014,03,15)






002-01 - (2013,05,12)






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