crystal bowls/Unsettle150

Saturday, July 29, 2017 – Nuit Blanche North – Huntsville, ON



What I presented at this show was the next major stage of evolution in my interactive installation The NETTT Blaster. The previous step, WR-NETTT, was presented last summer in South River at Warbler’s Roost (NAISA North). In that show, participants used the mouse to add triangles to a triangle mesh overlaid on a forest scene. In NBN2017 there were many developments. One, was a sensor table – the Lumpy Table. A fun glowing puffy cloth interface that people could use to activate the triangles instead of using the mouse. Another addition, and there were many, was two different forms of abstracted playback: ‘sensors’ and ‘rgb’ with accompanying simplified (triangle wave) notes.

Two themes were presented using this installation (I call them ‘sets’): NBN2014 Crystal Bowls and Canada’s 150th. NBN2014 Crystal Bowls is a re-mix of some of the material from my NBN2014 installation, HARPPP2, which features, amongst many other elements, a crystal bowl ceremony. Canada’s 150th is about Canada’s 150th with the Indigenous perspective in mind. Material from a First Nations’ protest march through down town Toronto to Queen’s Park on Canada Day Weekend was mixed with recordings from conventional celebrations around the city during the same weekend; Heritage Festival at Ontario Place, and Rib-Fest, recordings from downtown everyday Huntsville from the spot where I always stage my NBN installations (between Town Hall and Trinity United Church), and a recording from the same spot in Huntsville during a Canada Day Parade the previous year. See video below for a replay of the installation animations.

The event was a lot of fun and people were engaged and enthusiastic, there were many questions and I enjoyed answering them and interacting. Many thanks to Dan Watson, Edge of the Woods Theatre, and Huntsville Festival of the Arts. I am honored to be a part of this excellent festival and even more honored to have my own spot that I present from each year. This is definitely a highlight of my artistic career and it has given me the platform to launch my career in Toronto (and beyond). It is a rare privilege to be afforded the same spot every year and it enables me to develop work that has a line of continuity that extends past a single year – as you witness in this very installation. As I write this, I am working on NBN2018. One of the sets for that show will be a NBN2014 remix 2. There was so much material generated from NBN2014 that I had to divide the remix of it into two sets.

After each show is done, new material, such as what you see below, is generated and this serves as the source material for new shows. New work is continually referencing, and using as source material, the results and recordings from previous projects. Over time, this is starting to generate a network of references (this is evidenced by the links to other projects you see in most of the project descriptions on this website) so that it will become increasingly unclear where one project ends and the next begins and which one came first. Not only is the work itself based on the structure of the non-linear distributed network, but my entire career is taking that form as well. This is how to transcend time – simultaneity.

I am particularly interested in exploring the results mathematically/computationally and you will see the work move a major step closer to this in NBN2018 – Knot and Tree.
















a recording made with the Crystal Bowls Installation: