Artscape Gibraltar Point

Dec. 2015 – Jan. 2016 artist residency



A collection of readings. Video was recorded of the following people and a still from that video was used to acquire a reading – a triangulation of the image. This is a process I employ to translate living presence into a precise form, the triangle mesh, which can also be easily represented as a table of data. The following animations are playbacks of the creation process – what order the lines were drawn in. This is just the beginning, and with each new project, I explore new strategies for working with this data – data that is the representation of living presence. I painted two large scale reproductions of triangle meshes using white acrylic on a solid deep blue background – one of the empty field and one of Olga. Thank you to all who so generously volunteered: Olga, Miranda Hill, Melissa Goldstein, Wendalyn Bartley, Cheldon Paterson (SlowPitchSound). Really had a lot of fun working on this and meeting new people – very fond memories of Artscape Gibraltar Point.









available as a 1 1/2m x 1 1/2m roll-up canvas painting (just lines on dark blue background)

























included with this series: (click image)

Wendalyn Bartley













available as a 1 1/2m x 1 1/2m roll-up canvas painting

























There are two primary and elemental forms in computer graphics – the triangle mesh and the pixel. In this project you see rudimentary work using both as a strategy for ‘divining’ living presence from media. Above, the triangle mesh, below, the pixel. This is foundational work and in successive projects (eg. WR-NETTT, NBN2017) you will see where this leads – what it develops into. This (my artisitic career) is very much an incremental process, each new project building on the last (rather than replacing it with something new).