Agglomerations: Experiments in Spontaneous Structure

2010,08,16-22 – Arrowhead Park, Huntsville, Ontario










This is the first ‘gallery’ show that I had, occupying a small cabin near the main beach in Arrowhead Park. There were paintings on the wall in the first room and some Legos and a pile of tangled, multicoloured yarn on the table in the second room which were available for visitors to have fun with as experiments in collective forms of spontaneous structure. The main piece however, was a spontaneously generated, open-ended string structure based on tension – the first form of the NETTT. I had plenty of visitors, both friends and strangers and it was a lot of fun. Thank you to Arrowhead and particularly Doug McColl for this opportunity (it cost me nothing by the way). Everyone welcome. BARFFF Enterprises.




























































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