A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain the Rules from the Center of the Ultraworld

Part of an exercise in collective spontaneous structure. This piece began at the Arrowhead Show as just a pile of yarn that people would inevitably mess around with, either intentionally or absent-mindedly. It is in that way an expression of collective consciousness and can be read for that kind of information. During the OOZE.. I got entirely fed up with this pile of yarn that I had been dragging around with me and in a fit of inspiration I bound it up into a lovely little multicoloured ball, stabbed it with multiple skewers and constructed a multicoloured pipe cleaner network around it. See Blobjects -> Agglomeration -> Master Controllo for an summary and elaboration. It was also featured prominently in Super Mega Art Blast 2000. This object’s purpose is one of central control, the root of my artistic practice, the place from which all of my external work emanates as I begin exhibiting.






01-01 - (2015,03,03)






2010 12 14_0067






03-01 - (2015,03,03)+






2010 12 14_0071+






2010 12 14_0081






2010 12 14_0080






2010 12 14_0079






2010 12 14_0078






2010 12 14_0077






2010 12 14_0076






2010 12 14_0072






2010 12 14_0073






2010 12 14_0074






2010 12 14_0075






2010 12 14_0082+







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