My boost promotional rates have been steady all summer – 1.3 to 1.4 during peak times. Then last week they went up to 1.4 and 1.5. Now this week they went down to 1.2 to 1.3. I called Uber support once – I won’t waste my time describing how that went. I have been online all day searching through forums etc… and the impression I get is that it has not been disclosed what exactly determines these changes. I only deliver on bike and have been doing so since spring of this year, averaging about 10 hrs./week and I began last summer doing a bit here and there. I only go out during peak times – so for much of the spring/summer/fall of this year its been Fri-Sun.
So I have been trying to answer that question. In the Uber help page for promotions its says,

“As with any incentive promotion your city runs, offers are subject to change and may differ from partner to partner. The offers are made after taking partner’s driving behavior into consideration, including their most frequented areas and the times they generally drive so that they suit them the best. These promotions are designed to incentivize partners so that they can earn the most.”

I think it would probably be more accurate if the last line read, ‘These promotions are designed to make sure that Uber makes as much money as possible in any way that they can get away with.” I am also sure that they don’t want us to know what determines these rate fluctuations. My rating (in delivery) has always been 94%, and my acceptance rate 100%. I’m sure its not my place to know and I’m also pretty sure that I also don’t really care. The weekend before they lowered my rates, everything was better than it had ever been, not that it was utterly spectacular, but I left feeling that everyone was happy – customers, people at the restaurants, no negative reviews, some tips, even dealing with traffic went fine – everything went smoothly and people were in a good mood – the best weekend I have had so far. So why the reduction? It’s not a huge drop, but it’s not a good sign and I feel like I am being punished for doing a good job. At this point I am speculating that it may be a combination of many things including, supply and demand, change of season, randomness, profiteering strategy, inconsistent policy, poor app design and implementation, etc… but in this case not because of low ratings – yes I am so very very proud. So I am going to keep searching for an answer (not that hard though), but I am pretty sure that Uber doesn’t want us to know.

Uber? As soon as I walked in the door to sign up, I knew that this is what I could expect, profit over people. This is a well worn corporate model and Uber is a first class example. Maybe only after all our living support systems have once and for all collapsed, only then will this type of business model fall out of fashion.





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