Good Food Co-op

2014,03,20 – Muskoka North Good Food Co-op – ‘Get Carded!’

Event announcing the development of the MNGFC, due to be open fall 2014. Held at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville, ON



I was asked to create a slide show from a collection of images and songs I was given. It ran while people entered the theatre and found their seats. I played the twenty-one minute video twice before the presentation began. During the presentation I handled other slides and video clips which were part of the presentation. After the presentation was over the downstairs presentation began. This consisted of some local musicians offering forth their presentation and afterwards my presentation began. It consisted of music and an accompanying video presentation. Afterwards, participants reported noticeably elevated levels of delight and enwonderment.


slide show





event poster (not made by me) (note: the date on the poster is different because the event had to be postponed due to Dara Howell’s Olympic Gold Celebration having been scheduled for the same night)







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