Sept. 12-14, 2014 – Harvest Fest. – Burk’s Falls

NVHT-3 Ghosts of Harvest Past

it was a dark and stormy night


This year, driven to continue and possessed with slightly misplaced bitterness, I presented the installation at Harvest even though I was not invited. I did receive a free ticket and really enjoyed the fest. I mostly stayed in the new Crystal 6 structure. The music was excellent and so was the lighting (a light at every node of a pyramid-like geodesic structure – pulsing and shifting in unison to the music and the mood of the room).

Wednesday and Thursday, set the installation up and then arrived at 1am Sunday morning (mid festival) with a portable generator and two black lights of my own which I used to illuminate the installation for the night.

This was a new 2-D NETTT, constructed to be exactly the same as last year’s, installed over top of the decaying strings. No one took it down over the course of the year. It was actually in much better shape than I expected so I had to take parts of it down myself and exaggerate it’s decay.


it was a dark and stormy night


one of the purposes of the NETTT

Why is this important? One reason is that when you enter the installation, you are entering an area that is defined by a non-hierarchical system – decentralized, non-linear – a distributed network. People would get lost in it because there is no central locus of control. It is true that the forest is like that already, but the key is that it was done by me, a human, and therefore is an expression of human systems of organization. I wish to see a way out of the hierarchical, top-down system of control that is absolutely destroying the planet and its inhabitants. This system asserts its presence in all levels of social organization, so it is possible to resist. Criticisms of this system are met with the tiresome and feeble, “do you have an alternative?” First of all, I do not need to have an alternative in order to note how dysfunctional and destructive this system is. It is good enough to point that out and is important to continue to do so, though I wonder how much more obvious it needs to be before verbal description becomes unnecessary. Secondly, even though I feel compromised by meeting the demands of this corrupt argument (driven by tactics rather than a sincere quest for resolution), I offer this installation as an alternative.



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