Saturday, July 13, 2014 – Nuit Blanche North – Huntsville, ON


Much love and gratitude to all who joined in: Starr, Trixie Lance, Alexis Parr, Mandy Higgs, and Christine Heron. It is an great blessing that we could work together – thank you.

And many thanks to Dan Watson from Edge of the Woods of the Theatre and Huntsville Festival of the Arts for hosting such a successful and vibrant event – so much fun!





photo by Katherine Fleitas – peacephoto.com




video summary of event:






Continuing from last year, the HARPPP was used once again as a stage for collective interaction. This time the NETTT was constructed over top of the visitors using green yarn and was illuminated by black light. At the beginning of the event Trixie, Starr, Alexsis Parr, Mandy Higgs, and Christine Heron ‘opened the channel of communication’ by performing a crystal bowl ceremony after which anyone was free to make noise within the HARPPP. There were four microphones positioned within the apparatus close to an assortment of modest sound making instruments and objects. During the event, all of the sounds picked up by the mics were mixed in real time with effects and my own compositions and recorded. There were accompanying visuals projected onto the church wall displaying the various projects I had been working on. Near the end of the event, the channel was closed by another crystal bowl ceremony, after which Christine Heron sang a couple of her songs to a royally enthused audience.

There was also a warm-up event, HARPPPART-Y, presented at Chaffey Hall in Huntsville a month earlier where recordings were made in a similar manner. Below are two of the final audio compositions using this material. The first was made using recordings from both events and the second was made using recordings from later in the evening during NBN. Material from the first composition is re-mixed in one of the sets presented for NBN2017.











warm-up event – June 26, 2014, Chaffey Hall – click image to go to event page






HARPPP2 proposal pdf for a full explanation:










from Nuit Blanche North website:
































The NETTT absorbs all activity that goes on under and around it – I call this ‘programming the NETTT’. Most of the action during the night took place in this area. Sending and receiving messages – imaginary/subtle realms.



























everything into the mixer, then out to speakers












crystal bowl opening – opening a channel:



left to right: Starr, Sawyer, Trixie, Heron, Alexis, Mandy





Trixie Lance owner of the Love Tree brought the seven crystal bowls (corresponding to the the seven chakras)











Mandy Higgs
















Later – anyone could come into the area – there were microphones set up for people to make any kind of noises or vocalizations/talking/singing that they wished. There were small instruments like drums, Kalimbas, metal pans, pieces of wood, jars, etc. positioned nearby. All this was recorded live and mixed with various noise fields, music, and live electronic sounds that I generated in real time. Different sounds/noise fields generate different responses.




























closing with the crystal bowls:




photo Katherine Fleitas peacephoto.com










This is the final configuration of the NETTT after having been handled and manipulated by the participants over the course of the event – a collaboration between myself, them, and energies called in. This is the material from which I draw messages – a ‘response’. The messages sent were issued during the event in the form of our sonic collaboration. In the following three images the messages received are clear to me.


















clean up





the next day the wind had a chance to make it’s own statement:








2 Responses to HARPPP2

  1. Jeff says:

    I saw your setup last year, I came like right at the end and you had to fire everything back up. IT WAS SUPPPER COOL! Pity I’ll Miss it this year. Pics or it didn’t happen. You rock!!!

    • barfff says:

      cheers Jeff. Will be posting stuFFF soon, including albums/mixes and video for the past three years – stay tuned.

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