New Vistas of Hyper-Dimensional Travel


2013,09,13-15 – Harvest Fest. – Burks Falls


01-02 - NVHT-red,blue [72dpi, small) - (2013,09,03)

01-02 - NVHT-red,blue [72dpi, small) - (2013,09,03)



Harvest Fest. fourth year, same spot – by the psy-trance tent – the forest. A great spot. I clear a bit of brush every year and make the inhabitable area larger and larger – its about an acre now. Its like a large living room. Check out the mushrooms that popped up overnight two days before the festival started.

This installation was more subtle than last year’s. Last year’s was a 3-D NETTT. This year’s was a 2-D one making a kind of ceiling through the forest. White yarn strung between trees at about arm’s length up the tree trunks (sorry tall people) illuminated by black light. A triangle mesh. Human forest symbiosis. The NETTT is about encoding consciousness – in this case, both human and forest in correspondence – or its about encoding creative harmony if you like. I also call the mesh an experience recorder – it is a mental/spiritual/psychological construct. The physical aspect you see is just a cue to the imaginary form- which is the ‘actual’ form – an architecture of consciousness. The NETTT transmits and absorbs consciousness – presence. This is what I call ‘programming the NETTT’ or training the NETTT. As people interact with it, apprehend it, ascribe meaning to it, direct energy and intention towards it, this blank field is programmed with those presences. It is about pure manifestation within a technology of spirituality and psychology. It is an empty field that can be filled with anything – perhaps a reproduction of the creative process itself. An image, a simulation of the real thing situated within an apparatus for measuring, analyzing, viewing, hearing, and operating on the results – each aspect recordable, traceable, and transformable – its all data. A purely imaginary creation. A safe, controlled environment for experimentation. A psychic laboratory.

The 2-D triangle mesh is based on computer graphics. It is the elemental structure from which all virtual 3-D objects are rendered.























I used about 2 1/2 km of yarn – going from one tree to the next. There were solar lights on the ground to help people find their way and some hay bales for people to sit on. During NVHT-2 I had some hammocks out between the trees.










This was a map of the installation, ‘not to scale’. It was fun hanging out here (it was situated near the middle) talking to people, describing it, discussing it, and receiving free soup. I was starting to experiment with gathering data from people who were interested. What I did was have someone choose a triangle to stand under and I would use the toning bowl to clear the energy briefly. Then I would ask how they feel, what they see, a word that pops into their head, a sensation, whatever. It was an early start at mapping the energy of the area. I have other plans for that. It is an interesting atmosphere for transcribing spiritual presence – I find many people there to be very highly tuned.

At the time of writing (spring 2014), the installation is still up in the forest, though I am sure looking a little ragged after the winter. After Harvest I had a few nights there with people I knew, and one official event – NVHT-2, all centered around the string installation and music – my own and DJ (which I used to program the NETTT), and a fire at the nearby stone circle by the pond. Leading up to NVHT-2, I mapped the entire installation using a grid method. This data was transferred to AutoCAD and I rendered the installation as a scale map. They’re available for purchase at the TURBOshoppe.




NVHT-1 - BG-1









































integrating with VanGrey’s mini pong








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