01-09 - red,red - [1000x200, 72dpi] - (2013,10,27)


NVHT-2 – at Midlothian Castle – ‘the Screaming Heads’ – Friday Nov. 8, 2013

On Sept. 23-15, 2013 was Harvest Festival. It is held each year around mid-September at Midlothian Castle in Burks Falls, Ontario. This was the fourth year I contributed a black light string installation, NVHT, in the forest by the Psytrance tent (or where the techno tent was in earlier years) – part of the Harvest Series. I left the 2013 installation up in the forest after Harvest ended and expanded it into an open-ended art project. It was the focus of an event I hosted on Nov. 8, 2013. The project continues.


excerpt from the online event post from this website:

Near the installation, there will be music that I will be playing through my sound system and a fire at the stone circle a short ways away. Dub, minimal, techno, reggae, jungle, downtempo, experimental, audio art, and a range of other types of music. I will also be playing some of my own work consisting of noise fields which are meant to interact and correspond with the string installation. The structure, consisting of approximately 2 1/2 km of white yarn, strung between trees (see map below) and occupying about an acre of forest, is an example of a form I call a ‘NETTT‘. Please visit the NVHT page in the Harvest Series for details on what this project is about. Briefly I will say that it is a form of spiritual technology and is intended to operate mainly in the subtle realms. An architecture of forest/human consciousness – a spiritual antenna constructed to absorb, encode, transmit, and receive consciousness transmissions. I will be continuing to take ‘readings’ in the NETTT as I am working towards mapping the energy that corresponds to different locations within it – this is the second phase of the project. I will also have a small sound installation set up in the music area for people to try out – water, metal, glass, stone, wood. This is an experiment moving in the same direction as the installation and part of a continuing investigation.


Midlothian Castle is located at 981 Midlothian Road in Burks Falls. It can be a little easy to miss the turn from 520 to Midlothian Rd. – its on a curve right after a long straight 80km/hr stretch.

Please park in the clearing near the entrance and walk in. There will be small ground lights indicating the path. The entrance fee is $10. There will be a donation/admission box in the music area – thank you for any support.

Bring drums, some seating, warm clothes and a flashlight. Blankets are fun and nice. BYOB. If it is pouring rain, or we have a large amount of snow, the event will have to be postponed, as it is exclusively an outdoor gathering.

Well I hope you can make it out! If you have never been to Midlothian Castle, you are in for a treat, even without there being an event. There is a certain feeling there, especially at night – the screaming heads will definitely be doing their thing. Many thanks to Peter Camani for allowing me the opportunity to explore my artwork freely on his property and to host this event there. There are balances in life and as so many places are forbidden, what is permitted is offered with that much more generosity.



NVHT 1 poster

I surveyed the installation and produced a scale map. Copies will be available at the event for $25 and on the poster page for $30. There are many different versions. See the TURBOshoppe for more details.



08-01 - (2013,10,24-28)






08-01 - (2013,10,24-28)




EVNET poster:






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