HARPPP – EEG Dynamixx

Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Nuit Blanche North – Huntsville, ON


First HARPPP installation – located between the town hall and Trinity Church. Interactive installation that is both a satire of and serious apprehension of the HAARP Installation in Galcona, Alaska.

The HARPPP is a copper pipe apparatus forming nine 6 x 6 x 6 foot cubes within which I strung wire in a 3-D NETTT formation. The wires were tightened and ‘tuned’ using guitar tuning pegs at one end. Each wire had a different tone and was connected to contact mics which ran into a mixer and was mixed live with effects, other sounds from mics, my own compositions and sounds, and commercial music (DJing).

There was a lot of interest and participation, especially amongst children. The concept is good but the installation needs refinement in terms of materials and build. It worked fine in my yard when I was testing it out – gently strumming the wires, but when presented to the crowds at NBN the apparatus did not last long. I learned that at any event that attracts large crowds and particularly at night, the energy level is going to be high and my installation has to be very rugged to work and endure some rather vigorous treatment.




HARPPP proposal pdf:


01-01 - (2013,02,23)













01-03 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2013,06,29)







01-03 - HARPPP-EEG[flattened,trimmed] - (2013,06,29)





from Nuit Blanche North website:






setting up beforehand in my yard using green yarn to make the 3-D NETTT:
















































01-02 - (2013,02,20)





the event on Sat. July 13, 2013:


























































event photos: Katherine Fleitas, www.peacephoto.com


















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