Sept. 10-12, 2010 – Harvest Fest. – Burk’s Falls





Thank you Wendy ❤










Payment: $0.00. I was there to have fun and get started. It ended up costing me around $500 at least. Perhaps enjoying the privilege of being in such an environment with such people is payment enough. I should be thankful I was permitted to be a part of the 'team'.




The NETTT used in this installation is the same kind I discovered in the Arrowhead show and used in Super Mega Art Blast 2000. It was based on adding new strings by tying to the middle of strings already in the structure and ended up being a study in tension. I moved on from this type to make 2-D and 3-D triangle meshes starting at Nuit Blanche North 2012 – One Big Eye. It simply consists of a number of points connected locally – connected to the points (nodes) closest to them. This new form is one I have settled on now (as of 2014). It is modeled on the triangle meshes used in computer graphics to render objects in two and three dimensions. NETTT – GFG – Space Flood, my Harvest installation from 2012, is one of the best examples of the 3-D version.






IMG_0309+ [adjusted]




























from Harvest website

 from Harvest website













IMG_0302[exposure adjustment]














IMG_0301[exposure adjustment]







IMG_0306+ [adjusted]


































noise field

noise field r & b








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