Veins & Arteries (V & A)





001-05 - (2014,03,15)







Red and blue lines fill the area completely, leaving no spaces. An effort is made to keep the red and blue lines as much single lines as possible as the intent is to emulate the intertwining of veins and arteries. In other words, I am trying to maximize as much as possible lines consisting of just one cube’s width as opposed to having multiple cubes of the same colour together creating a line two or more cubes in width. Add one cube to each colour per frame. Branching.




a preliminary rendering:






The key of all of these exercises is to register presence. Since the cubes have been placed in their spots by hand, then human presence has had a direct influence on the results. Gestures have been recorded. In looking at the animation I can see this presence – a kind of jittery human quality. Now what is the character? The mood? The sense?






001-04 - (2014,03,15)





001-01 - (2014,03,14)







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